While manufacturing sintered parts, the engineers of Eurobalt Engineering are based on customer requirements. After considering all the technical requirements and drafts, our specialists start designing and producing a necessary tool, they prepare a special mixture of metal powder and additional components. When all the preparations are finished and our customers get and check product samples, Eurobalt Engineering launches batch production of sintered parts for its customer.

How we do it...

We mainly produce iron-based sintered parts for automotive industry,
agricultural machinery, electric tool, etc...

Pressing machine up to 350 T

Sintering Furnace

Steam Treatment Furnace

What we can...

We can produce completely impermeable components, components with enhanced hardness,
or really any alternative that meets your specific needs.

Eurobalt Engineering uses only high-quality metal powders for manufacturing sintered parts. We add various alloying elements in order to obtain the required properties of finished parts.

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