Октябрь 5, 2017

Sintered Metal parts

Sintered metal parts Sintered metal parts – Sintering technology by Eurobalt Engineering Powder metallurgy is the most innovative and popular branch of metallurgy today. Metal parts […]
Август 25, 2017

Tooling for PM in Eurobalt Engineering

Tooling for powder metallurgy manufacturing In Powder Metallurgy sintered parts are produced by pressing metal powder. In order to manufacture and provide a timely delivery of […]
Август 17, 2017

Sintered products in Eurobalt Engineering

Sintered products, powder metallurgy, sintered parts     Sintered products Powder metallurgy (PM) is an economical, environmentally-friendly, efficient and innovative technology. Eurobalt Engineering offers different sintered […]
Июль 12, 2017

Sintered Structural Parts for brake systems

Sintered structural parts powder metallurgy manufacturing, sintered structural parts, sintered parts manufacturing, Great news! We launched the production of sintered gears for electric parking brake motors. […]