This incredible combination of advantages cannot but draw more attention


We provide the powder metallurgy manufacturing

with a wide range of advantages for our clients

Excellent surface finishes

Excellent tolerance control

Cost-effective processing

Inexpensive materials

A wider variety of alloys to use

A high-quality end products

Machining minimization while producing parts

Controlled porosity for self-lubrication or filtration

Materials that can be heat-treated

Sintered parts for suspension

Sintered parts for oil pumps


Sintered parts for engine

Sintered parts for start motors

Sintered parts for transmission

Our goal is to support
the success of our customers

Our experience in powder metallurgy manufacturing enables us to provide comprehensive consultations on technical matters with customers

We also render assistance during the stage of planning and designing in order to create the most economical product by powder metallurgy process. Designing and engineering subdivisions in the enterprises have wide experience in selecting necessary materials. A strict system of product quality and an uncompromising system of received

samples are checked, which involves independent expert organizations that control quality according to the requirements of each customer. We use modern 3D coordinate-measuring equipment, optical measuring machines, hardness testing machines and more...